Understanding California's Child Support Laws

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Graff, we are committed to providing our clients—family-oriented individuals—who do everything they can to ensure their children are well taken care of. Many parents have come to our firm presenting their concerns about the outcome of their child support agreements.

As a Westlake Village family law attorney, my job is to help our clients get familiar with the laws and the court’s decision-making process. I always put your family’s needs at the forefront, especially since your payment agreements can determine the outcome of the future from here on out.

The Guidelines for Child Support in CA

Typically, the income of the parent who has custody is the only source of financial assistance for the child. California courts have standard guidelines to dictate the amount of child support that a parent must pay. The factors the courts will consider include: the parent’s gross income, how many children there are, and how much time each parent typically spends with the child.

To calculate the exact payment amounts, there is a formula that the courts follow, which takes the parents’ gross income, subtracts certain deductions such as tax obligations, health insurance, and expenses due to hardship. Timeshare is calculated by measuring how much responsibility each parent has in carrying out their duties, such as bringing the child to school.

There have been some cases where a parent refuses to or avoids paying child support by staying unemployed. The courts may still factor in that parent’s income earning potential if he or she can work and there are sufficient jobs available.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Assist Me?

As with any family law matter, having a Westlake Village family lawyer is always more beneficial than going without one. As your attorney, I, Jeffrey S. Graff, can help you calculate the appropriate amount of child support that your children are entitled to and represent the best interests of your family as a whole. Because the courtroom can be an intimidating place, you will not have to feel like you are going through the process on your own—because I can be by your side, offering the guidance you need.

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