Why January Is the Busiest Time for Divorces

With all the holiday décor packed away and the New Year setting in, many divorce lawyers often notice an increase in divorce cases. There are many reasons why this happens, but our Westlake Village divorce attorney put together a list of the top reasons why January is a busy month for divorcing couples.

Reasons Why Divorce Rates Usually Increase in January

It’s the end of the holidays – A crazy, strenuous holiday season could break an already unraveling marriage. Many couples that share children wait until after the holidays to announce their divorce, to keep the holiday memories intact for their children. Even if there are no children involved, many couples will just muscle their way through the holidays in order to avoid awkwardness with friends and family.

Financial stress caused by the holidays – One huge factor that creates a lot of conflict between spouses is financial issues. The holidays can be a burden on couples already under financial pressure. If you and your spouse argue about spending money, buying gifts during the holiday could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A New Year means a new start – For couples that have been thinking about divorce for a while, the New Year could symbolize a new chapter. When setting resolutions and goals, people reflect on their lives and where they wish that they were regarding happiness or milestones. Many couples will think about their desires and then file for divorce. January is the mark of a brand new era and with that comes the desire to start over.

If you are filing for divorce with the start of the New Year, it is essential to find a Westlake Village divorce lawyer that can assist you. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Graff today and schedule a consultation.

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