Benefits of Mediated Divorce Every Couple Should Know

Divorcing can be a stressful, complicated legal process. There are not too many family law attorneys out there who could rightfully tell you otherwise. However, you do not need to end your marriage with a traditional divorce that involves multiple trips to the courtroom for heated litigation. Using the assistance of an experienced Westlake Village mediated divorce attorney like myself, Attorney Jeffrey Graff of Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Graff, you might be able to get through your divorce without all of the usual hassle and headaches.

Mediated divorce involves both spouses sitting down together with a third-party mediator to discuss all factors of their divorce in a quiet, controlled environment. The mediator – myself, if you retain my services – will help you each understand legalities and expectations set by California’s family law statutes and courts. I can also give some advice and insight, but a mediator is not supposed to side with one party or another, nor should the mediator finalize the decisions.

I cannot stress enough that both spouses must be willing to cooperate and listen to one another for mediation to work. When two spouses just want to fight and contest each other as a bit of revenge for their divorce, mediation is essentially destined to fail. If you and your spouse do think you can sit down civilly and go through with a mediated divorce, then I would love to hear from you so I can explain all the benefits unique to mediation during a free initial consultation.

What are the Best Benefits of Mediation?

There are many benefits to a mediated divorce when it is possible. Listing them all might take a while, and it would be better explained in person.

However, it is worth knowing upfront three of the key benefits of mediation:

  • Save time: Mediating your divorce in the privacy of a law office allows you to carefully discuss important aspects of your divorce, like child custody and property division, to reach an agreement that benefits everyone. Since cooperation is encouraged and indeed necessary, finalizing all parts of your divorce tends to come much quicker in mediation than litigation.
  • Save money: Whenever you go to a courtroom, you have to pay court costs for the court’s attention and time. The less you go to the court, the cheaper your divorce becomes. A successful mediation will usually include just one trip to the courtroom, the final one to get the divorce officiated by the state of California.
  • Save energy: Working together takes less mental energy than fighting each step of the way. By the time your mediated divorce concludes, you should be able to enjoy better terms for you and your family, keep your most important pieces of property, and create a nurturing environment for your children built on the principles of cooperation during tough times.

Interested in mediated divorce? I would be happy to tell you more about it and help you decide if it is right for you. Dial 805.633.4999 to talk to a Westlake Village divorce attorney from my firm today.

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