Kid-Friendly Day Trips in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks & Nearby

For a divorced parent, an unexpected challenge can be deciding what to do with their children during visitation hours or during their portion of a shared custody agreement. Parents understandably want to make every minute count with their children and experience new, exciting places and activities. As a Westlake Village divorce attorney with 30+ years of legal experience, I have talked to many parents in such a situation, who did not know what to do with their kids during visitation or custody and wanted some pointers.

If you are also scratching your head about where to take your children during a fun day trip, you should review this list of some favorite kid-friendly spots around Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and the surrounding area:

  • Wildwood Park: On the northwest side of Thousand Oaks, you can find Wildwood Park. The wildlife area has a few trails of varying difficulty but few are all that strenuous. If your children are interested in the great outdoors, this might be the place to go. Remember to always bring appropriate gear and safety equipment whenever you go hiking or walking through nature. Extra water is a must!
  • Gardens of the World: On Thousand Oaks Boulevard, pretty much right between Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village, is Gardens of the World, a beautiful outdoor space of various decorated and arranged gardens. In case Wildwood Park sounds like too much energy but your kids still want to spend time among the trees, add Gardens of the World to your daytrip list.
  • Troutdale: Fishing is a relaxing pastime that your teenage son or daughter might love. Head to Troutdale to the south of Westlake Village to spend some quality bonding time with fishing rods and reels at a controlled pond setup that lets you fish in comfort.
  • Oak Canyon Community Park: In the northern stretches of Westlake Village is the Oak Canyon Community Park. This is a favorite daytrip spot for locals due to the clean-kept fields, dog park, and “splash pad” area that sprays kids with jets of water to cool down during the summer.
  • Chumash Indian Museum: Local history comes alive at the Chumash Indian Museum in Thousand Oaks. Children who have a brain for history or an interest in different cultures will certainly love spending time at the museum. There are even guided nature hikes around the surrounding hills.
  • Boost Your Average: Just off Hampshire Road in Westlake Village is a complex called Boost Your Average. Inside, you will find batting cages, pitching machines, and more baseball equipment for you and your child to enjoy. Maybe one day he or she will be in the big leagues?
  • Underwood Family Farms: It is a little bit of a drive north of Thousand Oaks but the Underwood Family Farms are well worth it. At the farmland, your kids can run and play, meet farm animals, learn about agriculture from people who actually tend the land, and sometimes even catch a Civil War reenactment. After your kids are done picking crops, you can swing to the onsite farmer’s market and grab fresh fruits and vegetables.

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