Dating During a Divorce - Is It A Good Idea?

If you and your spouse have decided to move forward with a divorce, it might feel like the right time to begin your new life and find a new companion by re-entering the dating pool. This is often a big mistake, however, and can have a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce settlement. Furthermore, dating during your divorce often has emotional ramifications as well, which is why it is wise to wait until after the process is finalized.

Here are some reasons why you should consider holding off on dating until after your marriage is officially over:

  • It could fuel your ex’s anger: No matter how amicable your divorce might be, the fact is that your ex-spouse might feel a little enraged knowing that you have moved on so quickly and will likely try to make your life hell as a form of revenge. If you share children, maintaining a civil relationship with him or her will be especially important for their sake. Having a solid co-parenting relationship will make your life and the lives of your children a lot easier.
  • It could harm the outcome of your settlement: If your new partner is someone whom you began dating before you filed for divorce and you spent a substantial amount of money on him or her, this can be seen as wasteful dissipation of assets and will affect how much you receive during property and asset division. It might also make you appear dishonest.
  • It can impact child custody: Your new choice of partner might impact your chances at child custody if he or she has a criminal history or an otherwise unsavory past. Domestic violence charges or accusations of sexual misconduct are serious and will likely be used against you, especially if there is animosity between you and your spouse and he or she is eager to suffer some consequences.
  • It can have an emotional impact: Getting a divorce is an emotional experience, so you should not neglect this aspect when it comes to the question of dating. This is a vulnerable time for you, even if you initiated the divorce. To suddenly begin dating before you have really had a chance to cope with the situation and truly process it will do a disservice to any new relationship you choose to begin. Try to take some time to rediscover the person you are without your spouse, so you can build a good foundation for a new relationship.

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