Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce

Social media is no longer the rarity it once was back when it first hit the internet. Nowadays, nearly everyone is connected through one or more social media platforms, sharing pictures, thoughts, and details of their everyday activities or travels. While this has become a great way to remain connected to friends and family, it can pose a danger to the outcome of your settlement if you are in the midst of a divorce. What you post on social media can end up costing you much more than you might think.

Below is a list of reasons why you should consider staying off social media throughout the duration of your divorce:

1.Financial information: Of course, none of us are actually listing our annual incomes or expenses on social media, but that is not necessary to gauge how well off a person is or what kind of lifestyle he or she is leading. For example, if you post photographs of a vacation abroad or extravagant purchases, but you also claimed to have a low income in order to avoid spousal or child support payments, you will like a liar. Even if you are no longer friends with your soon-to-be ex-spouse on social media, a mutual friend might spill the beans.

2.Child custody: If you share children, continuing to use social media during this time might jeopardize your chances at child custody or the visitation rights you might desire. For example, if you make a post that reveals some questionable behavior that you partook in when you were supposed to be watching your children, a judge might deem you unfit to care for them.

3.Dating websites: You might be lonely or just eager to re-enter the dating pool, but now is actually not the time to create an online dating profile. Wait until after your divorce is finalized. A dating profile might be used as evidence of cheating and, since many people often try to make themselves look better on their dating profiles, your attempt to stretch and distort the truth could make you look dishonest.

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