Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally overwhelming experiences of your life. However, there are several things you and your spouse can—and should—do to make the process easier.

Unfortunately, couples often commit several common mistakes that can harm their chances of upholding their best interests in court. If you are planning to end your marriage, you need to be aware of these mistakes in order to avoid them.

The following are the most common mistakes people make during divorce:

  • Letting your emotions get the best of you – From anger and stress to sadness and grief, it is normal to feel a roller coaster of emotions during the divorce process. However, you need to keep your emotions in check when negotiating the terms of your divorce agreement. You may fight for things you really don’t want or need or increase the amount of time to finalize your divorce, which can be immensely costly.
  • Failing to provide accurate information about your finances – In order to have a smooth divorce process, you must be honest and produce accurate financial information. Failing to disclose or hiding any marital assets can result in serious penalties, including criminal charges.
  • Involving your children – Although it is important to consider your children in divorce proceedings and keep your eye on the big picture, you do not need to tell them every single detail of your divorce and attempt to make them take your side and not your spouse. Doing such things can stress them out and cause potentially irreparable damage to their mental health.
  • Failing to comply with court orders – Once you or your spouse officially files for divorce, the family court may issue a variety of orders involving temporary alimony, custody, etc. You must fully understand the terms of every court order and follow them. Failure to comply can result in an unfavorable settlement or worse.
  • Forgetting about taxes – Divorces often have tax implications. Some couples forget the impact the IRS can have on financial issues. In addition, the court may want to temporarily award the family home to whichever spouse obtains primary custody of the children. However, the cost of maintaining a typical home may not be possible with only one source of income.
  • Refusing to compromise – If you aim to have every term of the divorce in your favor, you are in for a long and hotly contested dispute. In order to reach an agreement both parties can be comfortable with, they must be willing to compromise.
  • Not hiring a lawyer – The biggest mistake a person can make is not being represented by an experienced divorce attorney. A lawyer has a thorough understanding of the process and can guide you through the complexities of your case, as well as ensure that you do not make any of the mistakes listed above.

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