Be Prepared for Your Child Custody Hearing


For divorcing parents, vying for child custody is one of the most heart-wrenching challenges of the entire process. Given the emotionally charged aspect of it, it is easy for parents to make the mistake of acting impulsively, based on their feelings of the moment. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make while fighting for child custody. It is crucial to keep a level head, remain civil toward your spouse, and make decisions based on sound legal advice.

Understanding What the Court Takes into Consideration

To improve your chances of obtaining the custody arrangement you are seeking, you must hire an attorney who is experienced in handling custody cases such as yours. Heed your attorney’s advice instead of relying on the anecdotal suggestions you receive from friends or family members. They mean well, but no two cases are alike, so what worked for them might not work for you.

Preparing for your child custody will involve more than simply bringing the appropriate documentation or collecting enough evidence to support your case. Your behavior outside of court will play a major role in your chances of obtaining custody, so you must always be conscious of your actions and choice of words even if a judge is not around to witness it.

Here are some crucial tips, which will help you prepare for your child custody hearing:

  1. Cooperate with your spouse: Long after the ink dries on your divorce decree, you and your former spouse will continue to raise your children together. A judge will observe how well you cooperate with your co-parent and if you can overcome your personal differences in favor of serving the best interests of your children.
  2. Be involved: If you want to prove that your children mean as much to you as you say they do, show it by being an involved parent. Attend their afterschool activities or games, attend parent-teacher conference meetings, and help them with their homework. Most of all, avoid bailing out on your scheduled time with them unless it is an absolute emergency.
  3. Observe proper courtroom etiquette: Be respectful in court and dress the part. No, you do not have to show up in a tuxedo or your best ball gown, but you should not look sloppy or wear an outfit you would don at the beach. It will say a lot about you if you cannot even clean up to make a good impression in court, so do not bungle this one-time opportunity.

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