How Can I Enforce a Child Custody Order?

Child custody plans are essential for both children and their parents. They provide consistency, stability, and ensure the children are cared for and able to maintain a relationship with each parent, which the court generally believes serves their best interests. California takes violations of custody orders seriously, so it is crucial for parents to remain in compliance to avoid facing the state’s severe penalties. If your co-parent violated the child custody order, seek legal representation to protect your children and your rights as a parent.

What Happens When a Parent Violates a Child Custody Order?

A violation of a child custody order can happen in many ways. A co-parent could have forgotten to pick the children up, failed to drop off the children at an agreed upon time and place, or kidnapped the children. The penalties your co-parent will suffer for violating the child custody order will vary depending on the severity of the incident.

Some of the violations a parent can potentially face for violating the child custody order include:

  • Court appearances and court fees
  • Loss of child custody privileges
  • If found in contempt, the parent might face jail time

Children are already having a difficult enough time coping with the changes your family endured as a result of the divorce. When a parent is not in compliance with the custody order, it can make the situation all the more troubling and confusing for them, which is why it is necessary for both parents to understand the custody arrangement and to remain in compliance with it at all times.

Here are some of the actions you can take if your co-parent violates the custody order:

  • Reach out to your local police department
  • Reach out to the district attorney in your county; look for the Child Abduction and Recovery Unit
  • Hire an attorney to file a contempt action with the court

To avoid violations of the child custody order, you and your co-parent should be clear on what is required of you. If your co-parent violates the court order regardless of your efforts to cooperate, document the details of each violation and speak with an attorney as soon as possible. When documenting the violations, be sure to include the dates, times, and any correspondence that occurred. Filing a contempt action can be complicated, so it should not be handled without professional guidance.

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