Noticing the Signs of Parental Alienation

Divorce can get messy, especially when children are involved. In some cases, parents might attempt to alienate the children from their other parent, which may be considered an abusive practice. However, it can be difficult to recognize when parental alienation is occurring. With tensions running high, your children are likely having a difficult time coping with the situation, so you cannot automatically assume that their attitude towards you stems from the actions of their other parent.

How to Spot the Signs

If you feel like your former spouse may be trying to alienate you from your children, you should document these incidents in a journal in case you need to take the matter to court.

Here are some signs that may indicate your ex is engaging in parental alienation:

  • Your ex reveals too many unnecessary details about your divorce to your children. Knowing these details will not do your children any good, so it may be an attempt to poison them against you.
  • Your children are always angry with you and can never seem to find any redeeming qualities in you. You might even notice them rewriting history and forgetting the good times you shared.
  • Former spouses share custody of their children and the court order must be complied with. If your ex tries to give your children a choice in the matter or plans something fun with them that that ultimately cannot happen due to the visitation schedule, this can create a lot of resentment and tension.
  • Your children criticize you, using language that seems too mature for their age. Your co-parent may be badmouthing you in front of them and they are simply repeating what they heard.
  • Your former spouse tries to keep the children away from you.

While some of the signs of parental alienation may be more subtle, others are not. If your ex is keeping the children from you and failing to comply with the child custody order, you should speak to an experienced family law attorney.

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