Can Your Children Refuse Visitation?


If you are a divorced parent, you and your ex have a child custody order that you must follow. While you and your former spouse certainly know the rules and understand the importance of compliance, your children might not be as aware of the consequences of not following the court’s order. That said, it is your responsibility as a parent to make your children reasonably available for visitation. Otherwise, you may face some consequences.

Complying with the Child Custody Order

Your children have minds of their own and they may not always be cooperative, but that is not an excuse to neglect your child custody order. Chances are you already encourage or force your children to do a lot of things they might not necessarily like, such as brushing their teeth or waking up early for school. Regardless of their attitude toward visitation, it is important to do everything you can to make them reasonably available, unless you have a valid reason for rescheduling, such as severe illness. That said, even if your child or children are so sick that they cannot visit their other parent, you need to clearly communicate this to your ex.

Of course, you care about the happiness and wellbeing of your children, so even though you must comply with the order, you should still try to understand the reason behind your children’s resistance to see their other parent. If you believe your former spouse’s environment is unsafe, or someone in the household poses a danger to them, you should take this matter to court as soon as possible. However, if your children are simply unhappy with the circumstances and are acting out, you should involve your co-parent to discuss the matter. You might be able to resolve these issues together, which will ultimately benefit everyone involved and ensure that drop-offs and pick-ups transition more smoothly.

Reach Out to a Knowledgeable Family Law Team to Discuss Your Case!

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