Tips for Celebrating Halloween After a Divorce

Sad Halloween

If you recently got divorced, celebrating Halloween with your children may be a little difficult this year. Depending on friendly the two of you are, there may be some clever ways for your family to navigate this spooky holiday, so your children can still have an enjoyable time. Continue reading for some helpful tips for celebrating Halloween after a divorce.

Enjoying the Spooky Season with Your Kids

Kids love Halloween. From dressing up to trick-or-treating for candy, this day of fun is a favorite among many. For divorced parents, navigating it may be tricky. If you do not particularly like Halloween, but your co-parent does, you may want to consider letting your ex have the day with them. Swap it out for a day you would rather spend with them.

If you and your co-parent both look forward to celebrating Halloween with the kids, you can still make it happen and here are some tips:

  • Go trick-or-treating together: For young kids, trick-or-treating is the main event on Halloween, so consider taking them out together. In addition to sharing this spooky holiday with them, you can also double up on safety by having two chaperones. Even if you are not on the best of terms, keeping an eye on your kids will likely keep both of you busy enough to prevent conflicts.
  • Partake in other Halloween-themed activities: If you do not like trick-or-treating or cannot get along with your ex well enough to take the kids out together, arrange another Halloween-themed activity with your children. Watch an age-appropriate scary movie, carve pumpkins, or play games. You can do this earlier in the day before they go trick-or-treating with their other parent or any other time in the month!
  • Alternate every year: You and your co-parent likely alternate other holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, with your co-parent, so if Halloween means a lot to both of you, alternate with your ex every year.

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