What Can I Do if I Disagree with My Co-Parent About the COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Now that COVID-19 vaccines are available for children as young as 12, disagreements are arising among divorced parents about getting their kids vaccinated. In cases where only one parent has legal custody, that parent can make the decision without consulting with the children’s other parent. However, if you share legal custody, you may have a more challenging road ahead of you.

Vaccinating Your Children

Before you begin considering your legal options, try discussing the matter with your co-parent. If you still cannot reach an agreement even after consulting with your child’s doctor, try to break down the reasoning behind your co-parent’s decision. For example, if you were both vaccinated, but your ex is still unsure of vaccinating children, you might be able to compromise by waiting for a few more vaccine trials to be completed.

If you still cannot resolve this matter on your own, however, you may have to review your custody agreement and petition the court to have it modified. As it stands, a judge will not make any decisions regarding whether or not your children should receive COVID-19 vaccines. That said, it is possible to petition the court for legal custody, so you can make health care decisions for your children without your co-parent’s permission.

Lastly, another option for you to consider is post-divorce mediation, which can keep you out of court, and leave the decision in the hands of you and your co-parent. Of course, this approach will only work if you and your ex are willing to negotiate and open to compromise.

Reach Out to Our Experienced Family Law Team for the Skilled Legal Advice You Need

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