Do I Need to Go to Court to Get Divorced?


Divorce can be a stressful process, but if you and your spouse agree that you would rather end it without having to go to court, you can do so. Many couples are able to dissolve their marriage without going through the litigation process, which we will review in this blog, so continue reading to learn more.

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court

If you want to get divorced without having to go to court, there are many forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative divorce, which can help you and your spouse achieve a settlement without having to litigate your case. That said, you must both agree to the method of your choice before you can move forward. If your spouse refuses to cooperate with you, none of these options will be available to you.

If you have children, mediation or collaborative divorce can be particularly beneficial since it will help set a foundation for more effective co-parenting. Both of these options require more of a team-based approach, allowing you to develop the tools you need to work together as parents in the future. Although mediation and collaborative divorce are similar in many ways, one major difference between the two is that, if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, you will need a new legal team who will have to familiarize themselves with your case, which can ultimately become expensive.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing mediation for your divorce:

  • It is often substantially less expensive
  • It requires less time to finalize
  • You can keep the details of your divorce private
  • It will create a less tense environment for your children
  • You and your spouse are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome

If you and your spouse want to keep your divorce out of court, consider these methods.

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