Does My Ex Need My Permission to Introduce a New Partner to Our Kids?

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If your ex-spouse or soon-to-be-ex is dating again and you share children, you may have some concerns about this new person and their presence in your children’s lives. During the divorce process, it is particularly important to maintain stability and a sense of security for your kids, so it is completely natural to feel uneasy about the situation. However, generally, when your ex has the children, there is not much you can do about a new partner sharing that precious time with them.

What Can You Do About Your Ex’s New Partner?

When a parent has visitation or custody of a child, it is presumed that the parent is competent enough to care for them. If you believe your ex’s new partner is putting the safety of your children at risk, you will need evidence that proves the contrary if you wish to keep your children away from this person. The evidence you obtain must prove that your ex’s new partner is engaging in inappropriate behavior, such as illegal drug use or other forms of criminal activity, excessive drinking, or abuse.

The judge on your case may keep your ex-spouse’s new partner from spending time with your children if:

  • Your ex’s new partner is a risk to your children’s physical or mental health
  • Your ex’s new partner’s presence will potentially impair the emotional development of your children
  • There is proof of abuse, criminal activity, or excessive drug and alcohol use

You may be able to request a modification of your child custody order due to your ex’s new partner if you can prove that the presence of this person in your children’s lives poses a threat to their wellbeing.

Whether you or your ex-spouse is considering the prospect of dating, be sure to consider your children’s needs before you introduce them to someone new.

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