How Can I Modify Spousal Support?


Spousal support is often ordered in a divorce to ensure that the lower income-earning spouse does not end up destitute in the aftermath of a split. However, circumstances change and the spousal support order that was once suitable for your situation might require some modifications. Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain these modifications.

Modifying Your Spousal Support Order

Whether you need to increase or decrease spousal support, it is possible to have it modified if your circumstances changed significantly. Before going to court, however, you should take a moment to discuss it with your former spouse. If you are on good terms, it may be possible to achieve a resolution together.

If you fail to reach an agreement on this matter, you can petition the court with your request. For your request to be successful, you must demonstrate that your situation significantly changed.

These are some circumstances in which your spousal support order may be modified:

  • You or your former spouse received a wage reduction
  • You or your former spouse became involuntarily unemployed
  • You or your former spouse developed a disability or illness that prevents gainful employment
  • You or your former spouse received a significant wage increase
  • The supported party got remarried or lives with a new romantic partner

In cases where the supported spouse remarried, spousal support may be automatically terminated.

If the change in circumstances is temporary, the modifications to your spousal support order may be temporary as well. For example, if you lost your job, the modifications may last until you find new employment. If you are the spouse who is making payments and are struggling to fulfill this obligation, petition the court with your request as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will still be responsible for any missed payments.

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