Parallel Parenting After a High-Conflict Divorce

parallel parenting

Although cooperative parenting is typically ideal and can be greatly beneficial for children, it is simply not always possible. To avoid exposing your children to a vast amount of hostility and conflict, you may opt for parallel parenting instead. Parallel parenting is a way for divorced parents to raise their children with as little contact with one another as possible. If you believe more involvement with each other may result in a toxic environment for your children, this may be the right approach for you.

How to Parallel Parent with Your Ex

After a particularly high-conflict divorce, dealing with your co-parent may be a serious challenge, so parallel parenting may come in handy. You may not necessarily need to stick with this form of parenting forever, but it will at least give you and your former spouse the space you need in the immediate aftermath of your divorce.

Here are some tips on how to parallel parent:

  • All communication should strictly focus on the needs of the child and maintain a business-like tone.
  • Unscheduled communication should only be used if there is an emergency.
  • For all other non-emergency issues, parents should use email for communication. Moreover, emails should be limited to two times a month and focused on one topic at a time.
  • When transferring the children, a neutral location should be selected, such as a school or a library.
  • Each household will operate independently.
  • Parents will take turns with important visits, such as doctor visits or school visits, so they can each share parenting duties without having to work together.
  • If any issues arise and it requires some discussion, parents should seek the assistance of a third party, such as a therapist or a mediator.
  • Parents should avoid attending child-related events at the same time. Instead, parents will alternate events to avoid any overlap.

These are just a handful of tips. You and your former spouse may have to make some adjustments to suit your specific situation that meets your needs and the needs of your children.

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