Can I Modify a Child Custody Order?

child custody modification

Although, generally, family courts favor stability and consistency in a child’s life, it is possible to have a child custody order modified under certain circumstances. Before you consider taking the matter the court, however, you can discuss the modification with your ex. If you have a functional co-parenting relationship and are both open to negotiation and compromise, you may be able to resolve this matter without setting foot in a courtroom. If you cannot work out an agreement, you can go to court with your request.

Changing a Child Custody Agreement

If you are attempting to change your child custody agreement, you will have to prepare a detailed plan that outlines scheduled visitation, including holidays. You will also need to explain why you believe it is necessary to modify your child custody arrangement. Your justification for the change will be one of the most important factors regarding whether or not it is granted.

Below is a list of reasons to modify a child custody order:

  • One parent placed the child in a dangerous environment
  • The custodial parent is not allowing the non-custodial parent to have contact with the child
  • One parent needs to relocate for personal reasons or due to employment
  • One parent’s religious practices are harming the child
  • One parent is failing to appropriately care for the child by ensuring they arrive to school on time and attend all scheduled medical appointments

These are just some of the reasons why a judge may grant a child custody modification. Ultimately, to successfully petition the court for modification, you will have to prove a substantial change in circumstances. Additionally, much like the first time your custody order was created, a judge value the best interests of your child above all else.

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