Can I Move with My Children After a Divorce?


Child custody agreements are generally designed to have longevity, even in the face of all the changes your family’s life will endure after your divorce. However, some changes in life are so great that even the most effective custody arrangement will require some modifications.

For example, if you plan on moving a far enough distance that your current arrangement is impossible to comply with, you will either need to negotiate a new arrangement with your ex or petition the court to relocate with your children. Continue reading to learn more.

Moving Away with Your Children

The easiest way to go about this situation would, of course, be for you and your ex to consent to a new agreement. You will still need the approval of a judge to ensure that the move is in the best interests of your children, but this is typically a much smoother path forward. If you cannot achieve a resolution with your ex, however, you will need to petition the court.

To determine if your request should be granted, a judge will examine several factors, including:

  • The quality of schools in the proposed new location
  • The reason(s) you want to relocate
  • If there are family members from either parent’s side near the new location
  • If the custodial parent has a better chance of making more money or securing a better job
  • If it would be feasible for the noncustodial parent to see the children after the move

While you are trying to hash out a new agreement with your ex, it is important for both of you to continue to comply with your current custody agreement. Otherwise, your noncompliance will not reflect well on you in court.

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