Different Types of Supervised Visitation


Family courts generally believe it is in the best interests for children to maintain relationships with both parents. However, not every parent is fit to have unsupervised visitation with their children. Under these circumstances, a judge may order supervised visitation, so that the children can continue to have contact with their parent while remaining safe. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of supervised visitation available.

What You Need to Know About Supervised Visitation

There are many reasons why a judge may order supervised visitation, some more serious than others. It is an arrangement that is usually meant to be temporary, until the supervised parent can address the issues that warranted it.

Here are some reasons why supervised visitation may be ordered:

  • There is a history of emotional, physical, sexual abuse, molestation, or domestic violence
  • There are concerns regarding a parent’s mental illness
  • The parent is struggling with substance abuse
  • There is a risk that the noncustodial parent will attempt to kidnap or abduct the children
  • The parent did not have an existing relationship with the children or was out of their lives for a substantial amount of time

Below is a list of different types of supervised visitation:

  • One-on-one supervision, involving the presence of a third-party monitor. The monitor may be a friend of the family, a member of the family, or a paid professional.
  • Group supervision where several parent-child groups meet in a large area with one or more professional monitors.
  • Telephone or video conference monitoring for parents who can only accommodate remote visitations due to travel schedule, a drug rehabilitation program, or prison.
  • Neutral exchange, so the parents do not have to make contact with one another. It is an option that is helpful when there is a restraining order involved.
  • Therapeutic visitation is visitation that is monitored by either a social worker or a psychologist. If the child has strong or negative feelings about visitation, this is a helpful option.

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