Tips for Reducing Conflict in a Divorce

Divorce Conflict

Divorce is rarely a walk in the park for anyone. Even the most amicable cases can sour once the process moves full steam ahead and spouses realize they may have a few things to fight over. Instead of treating your divorce like a battle, it would be best to try to reduce conflict to avoid not only a stressful process, but one that incurs greater legal costs and takes up more of your time. Continue reading for some tips on how to reduce conflict in your divorce.

How to Reduce Conflict in a Divorce

Reducing conflict in a divorce seems easier said than done, given the emotional nature of this situation. Controlling your reactions or trying not to react to your spouse’s reactions can seem like an impossible feat, especially since you both know how to push each other’s buttons best.

The following tips can help you keep the conflict to a minimum:

  • Avoid dwelling on the past: Your marriage is ending, so there is no need to fixate on what got you to this point. Instead, focus on how you can resolve the terms of your divorce since that is the more pressing matter that will deeply affect your future. Leaving the past behind is a great way to reduce any feelings of animosity.
  • Rely on written communication: You may not be able to avoid all in-person communication, but you can certainly minimize it. When you communicate in writing, you will have written proof of all of your correspondence and, if your spouse says anything out-of-line, you can use it in court. People tend to behave a little better when they know their words may come back to bite them in court.
  • Consider communicating through your lawyer: If your divorce is particularly contentious and you cannot communicate in a civil manner, you may want your attorneys to handle this on your behalf. Unlike you or your spouse, an attorney can act objectively, which can be invaluable in such an emotional situation.
  • Take care of yourself: Taking care of yourself on an emotional level is an important part of smoothly navigating a divorce. It can mean the difference between engaging in conflict with your spouse and holding back to avoid unnecessary obstacles.

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