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How Is Child Support Calculated in California?
How Is Child Support Calculated in California?

The Duty to Pay Child Support All parents are legally obligated to provide their children with adequate support, so they have the financial means to secure necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and schooling. This duty arises from the parent-child ...

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  • Enforcing a Child Support Order

    Even after a divorce, both parents are expected to support their children emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, some parents refuse to fulfill ...

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  • What Are Temporary Orders?

    When a couple gets a divorce , the ensuing court proceedings can take anywhere between a few months to several years, depending on the complexity of ...

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  • Enforcing Child Support Orders Under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

    Each state has its own family law rules. For a while, these differences did not create a lot of problems; that is, until interstate travel became more ...

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  • Surviving Life After Divorce, Year 1

    Getting a divorce can be an emotionally and mentally exhausting process. Divorce proceedings can last anywhere from six months to several years, ...

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  • Do I Have to Continue Paying Child Support if I Lose My Job?

    Loss of income for a parent paying child support is not unusual. It happens, but the important question that lingers is whether child support goes ...

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  • How to Modify a Child Support Order

    Even if your child support has already been formally established, circumstances change, and so you can go back and ask for a modification. Whether you ...

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  • I Paid Too Much Child Support - What Can I Do?

    Our lives are ever-changing and, as such, payments like child support are not meant to be set in stone. It should decrease or increase based on the ...

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  • Protect Your Rights as a Father in Divorce!

    As a Westlake Village family law attorney, I’m frequently approached by dads who are worried about their pending divorce . Many believe that mothers ...

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  • Child Support Obligations When One Spouse Hides the Children

    Frivolous lawsuits are notorious when someone is pursuing damages, but they are not exclusive to personal injury claims. In some instances, a family ...

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