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Learning How to Co-Parent with Your Former Spouse
Learning How to Co-Parent with Your Former Spouse

If you and your former spouse have children, you will not have the luxury of cutting off contact with one another after your divorce is finalized. Instead, you must learn to work together to raise your children in a consistent and stable environment. For many, co-parenting ...

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  • Changing the Terms of Your Divorce Decree

    After you finalize your divorce, the terms of your decree are generally not set in stone. Although post-divorce modifications are not easy to obtain, ...

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  • Enforcing a Child Support Order

    Even after a divorce, both parents are expected to support their children emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, some parents refuse to fulfill ...

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  • The Risks of an Online Divorce

    We perform many important tasks online. We pay our bills, monitor our bank accounts and investments, and even file our taxes through the use of a ...

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  • Staying Focused at Work During Your Divorce

    Divorce-related stress can have a major impact on your capacity to continue to be productive at work. However, since it will take some time before the ...

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  • Should You Fight for the Marital Home?

    The marital home is important to divorcing spouses, especially if children are involved and they are concerned about uprooting them and further ...

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  • Can I Still Get a Divorce if My Spouse Won’t Sign the Papers?

    If you wish to get a divorce from your spouse, nothing, not even your spouse’s unwillingness to sign the papers, can get in your way of achieving ...

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  • Financial Documents You Should Begin Gathering for Your Attorney

    If you are getting a divorce, you already know that this is an emotionally overwhelming process. However, it is also quite complex and involves a lot ...

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  • Talking to Your Kids About Your Divorce: Helpful Tips

    Talking to your children, especially when they are particularly young, can be incredibly difficult. No parent wants to see their children suffer or in ...

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  • What is the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

    Generally, there are two types of divorce – contested and uncontested. In cases where spouses are on the same page in terms of their divorce ...

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