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Ensuring the Benefits of Spousal Support After Death
Ensuring the Benefits of Spousal Support After Death

Spousal support is meant to help a financially disadvantaged party maintain a standard of living to which they grew accustomed during the marriage. Spousal support obligations that seem to be in effect for an indefinite amount of time are primarily applicable to long term ...

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  • How Recent Tax Reforms Will Affect Spousal Support

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Starting January 1, 2019, the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will come into effect. Among the various tax reforms ...

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  • What Is the Effect of Divorce on Spousal Privileges?

    Marriage is a legally recognized relationship that is regulated by state law. That is because marriage affords individuals certain benefits and ...

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  • What Happens to My Pet in a Divorce?

    For many people, their relationship with their pet can be comparable to that of a human child. It is often the case that a family dog or cat is ...

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  • California's Rules on Awarding Attorney's Fees

    Litigating a divorce can be expensive, depending on the circumstances involved in a specific case. The relative wealth of the parties and the ...

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  • Gathering Evidence for Post-Divorce Litigation

    When a couple receives a final judgment from the court regarding their divorce , that doesn’t mean they won’t find themselves before the divorce court ...

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  • How Do California Courts Award Attorney's Fees Pending a Divorce?

    In a divorce , sometimes one spouse makes substantially more money than the other spouse. Thus, when the couple gets divorced one party might have ...

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  • Cultural Considerations in Family Law Cases

    person’s culture is part of their identity. We tend to share a system of values with other members who belong to the same culture. According to ...

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  • Characterizing and Dividing Personal Injury Damages in California

    Community property principals govern property division in a divorce proceeding under California law. Therefore, both spouses are presumably entitled ...

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  • Ethical Issues Involving Private Judges in Divorces

    What Are Private Judges? The number of family law cases filed in California has become more than our courts can handle on their own. Unlike other ...

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