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Do You Qualify for an Annulment?

Although annulments and divorces may signal the conclusion to marriage, there is a fundamental difference. While divorce is an end to an existing, valid marriage, an annulment determines that a marriage never legally existed. In California, there are a multitude of potential reasons, also known as “grounds,” that a judge may consider a request to annul a marriage.

These grounds include:

  • Couple related by blood
  • One spouse was under the age of 18
  • One or both spouses were already married
  • One spouse was intoxicated or inebriated
  • One spouse forced the other to get married
  • Purpose of marriage is to obtain citizenship or green card

How Do I Obtain a Court Order Annulling my Marriage?

To begin an annulment case, you need to fill out the same forms as with a divorce and legal separation. It’s imperative to know that in California, there’s a deadline which dictates the time limit you possess when an annulment can be filed, depending on the reason why you want the annulment in the first place. A Westlake Village divorce & family lawyer can help you understand your options and file all the necessary paperwork.

The following are the “statute of limitations” regarding the various reasons for annulment:

  • If one spouse was under the age of 18, he/she must file within four years after you turn 18
  • If one or both spouses were already married, he/she can file at any time while the first marriage is still active
  • If one spouse was intoxicated or inebriated, he/she can file any time before you or your spouse passes away
  • If one spouse forced the other to get married, he/she can file within four years of getting married
  • If the purpose of marriage is due to fraudulent reasons, such as remaining in the country, he/she must file within four years of the time he/she discovered the fraud

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Since the stakes are so high when it comes to annulment, it’s important to discuss you legal options with an experienced Thousand Oaks family law attorney, especially if there are children involved. For more than 35 years, I have assisted thousands of clients navigate through the legal system to attain the results they desire.

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