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Emotional or physical abuse of a child is an extremely serious matter. Not only is it illegal under multiple California domestic violence laws, resulting in possible criminal consequences if you are convicted, but abuse can have a devastating and permanent impact on the lives of your children, your family, and more. Cases of abuse can permanently ruin your relationship with your child as well, resulting in extremely limited opportunity to see them and next to no ability to remain part of their lives in the future.

Escaping from abuse can be a frightening and terrifying experience; abusive parents are often controlling of their spouses as well, making a possibly very difficult situation. No matter how intimidating it may seem, it’s crucial that you get your child away from an abusive parent as quickly as possible and obtain legal protection through the court system.

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What Constitutes Abuse?

The courts generally consider any activity or action which threatens a child’s well-being, either physically or emotionally, to be abuse. This is intentionally vague for a reason: courts want to be able to protect children from anything that could be potentially damaging to their physical and emotional health and punish those who do these things.

Three common types of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse (including violence, beating, threats of violence, or excessive force or instruments of pain for discipline)
  • Emotional abuse (insulting, degrading, screaming, or other verbally-based and traumatic actions)
  • Sexual abuse (including humiliation, touching, and more)

What are the Consequences of Abuse?

Abuse is taken extremely seriously by both criminal and family law courts. Abusive parents will almost certainly lose custody rights and possibly even lose visitation abilities as well, depending on the decision of the court. However, a parent who knows the abuse is going on and does nothing to prevent it may also lose their custody rights as well.

Less-severe cases could result in a restricted relationship between the abusive parent and the child, including reduced visitation that may require supervision from a third-party.

How can I Obtain Protection?

It’s crucial that you immediately contact an attorney who can help you with your case. My name is Jeffrey S. Graff, and as a Westlake Village family law attorney, I can petition the court on your behalf to obtain a temporary order of protection, which can place a number of restrictions on an abusive parent. Once this restraining order is in place, we can work together to remove the abusive parent’s custody rights, ensuring your child will remain safely away from them and can have a happier, healthier life.

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