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Establishing Legal Guardianships & Conservatorships

There are many circumstances when a guardianship may be necessary, including when the parent has died, when the parent is deemed incapacitated, or if the parent is a minor. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Graff, as a Westlake Village guardianship lawyer, I am extremely skilled in handling matters relating to guardianship and how it relates to family law.

A guardian is the individual who is appointed by the court as party responsible for making decisions on behalf of the child. This may include finances, healthcare, and schooling. Guardians may be listed in the will or trust, but if there were no legal documents stating who should be the guardian, these matters may be disputed in court by family members.

The responsibilities of a guardian include the following:

  • Providing for the child's health and various needs
  • Ensuring that the child has adequate housing and nutrition
  • Providing guidance and support for the child

Who can be a guardian?

In some cases, the child in question can nominate their own guardians. The type of relative or individual who can be granted guardianship includes whomever was nominated in the will, the nomination of the child, the spouse of the parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or a sibling. In order to be made a guardian, a court order must be put in place. The court weighs guardianship decisions very carefully, in order to seek proper welfare of the child in question above all other considerations.

Although it is most common for a minor child, guardianship is not only appropriate for children. When a person is unable to care for his or her own well-being, the court may appoint a guardian to oversee the decisions about their welfare.

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