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What Are the Benefits of Mediation for Divorce & Family Cases?

Reaching a Fair and Agreed Upon SolutionMediation can help resolve many of divorce issues and settle the terms without having to go to court. The costs of divorce can be tremendous, and taking the matter to trial might only drive up this cost even more. By settling your divorce matters out of court with the help of a Westlake Village mediation attorney, not only can you avoid the added time and expense, but you may find that communicating and compromising with your spouse has fostered a vastly improved relationship.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to divorce—a route you can take to avoid messy or chaotic court procedures. Some of us do not choose to be divorced, but it often comes as a result of forces well beyond our control. With mediation, however, you have the chance to take the reins and manage the situation better suited to your needs.

These are several benefits to resolving matters during mediation, including:

  • Most of the matters are settled at the end of mediation
  • You have control over what you believe is fair and rightful in your situation
  • All interactions are confidential, and will not be kept as public record
  • You and your spouse can benefit from an improved relationship
  • You can still benefit from having a legal counselor to guide you

The overarching goal of a Westlake Village mediation lawyer is to give power to clients, and help them realize that they have the power to control the situation. With over 35 years of experience under my belt, I, Attorney Jeffrey S. Graff, have achieved many successes for my clients. I am dedicated to your success, and always put your wishes at the forefront.

Thousands of Cases Successfully Handled

Since 1981, I have been garnering an extensive track record of success in the thousands of cases I have handled. One of my most prominent achievements is winning a case in Ventura County’s Appellate Court, which eventually led to a reform in California’s family law. I know that spouses spend a great deal of their efforts working through their divorce case, but I am ready to take some of the burden off of your shoulders through mediation.

I offer effective and practical legal solutions. Call my Westlake divorce firm now to request your free case consultation.

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  • I cannot give Jeffrey Graff enough accolades.

    “I knew Jeffrey personally as a proud family man and a pillar of the community with an stellar reputation as a family/divorce attorney. When my daughter was going through her divorce and had several bad experiences with two attorneys, in the Westlake Village area, I recommended Jeffery to her. After meeting with us to discuss the situation and issues, Jeffery and his staff went to work, we went to court, Jeffery not only got the results my daughter had hoped for, but also managed to have the opposing party cover his fees, he is beyond knowledgeable, professional and fair, he's brilliant at what he does and worth every penny. I have since recommended Jeffrey to all my friends and acquaintances who need legal help and will continue to do so. I cannot give Jeffrey Graff enough accolades and thanks for his help and exceptional negotiating skill in settling the case, thank you, again.”

    Dianne R.

  • In a very difficult time in my life, Mr. Graff provided excellent service to me.

    “In a very difficult time in my life, Mr. Graff provided excellent service to me. Patient with my process, he was always prompt to return my calls, and gave me realistic advice. While other lawyers might be evasive in an effort to prolong the process (hence their fees), Mr. Graff was straightforward and eager to conclude the proceedings quickly in an effort to minimize my pain.”


  • He worked efficiently to get the best and honest result for my family in child support matters.

    “I chose Mr. Graff to represent me in my divorce since he was also knowledgeable with bankruptcy law. He promptly returned phone calls, was quite helpful and consistent in advising me. He knew and understood my case and was very professional in representing me. Furthermore, I knew he was well respected in the courtroom and by other attorneys. He worked efficiently to get the best and honest result for my family in child support matters. I would absolutely hire him again and definitely recommend him to anyone in need of family law representation.”


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    “My experience with Jeff's expertise was non other than A-one! He tackled my case swiftly and efficiently with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend!”

    Former Client

  • I felt that he always had my best interest in mind!

    “I selected Jeff to represent me because he specialized divorce cases and had worked with the Ventura County judges for many years. He was very patient with me as dealt with the emotions of getting a divorce after a 19-year marriage, and helped me through the terrible stress of facing my ex-spouse and being in the courtroom. He gave me very good advice on how to manage the property settlement, especially on when I should capitulate and when I should hold my ground. I felt that he always had my best interest in mind (rather than just collecting his fee) and worked diligently to bring the case to a fair conclusion.”

    Mrs. M